You can never have too much advice on any large project, especially when it comes to your own home. If you're just starting to approach the construction phase of your project, perhaps you have a design in mind that you would like to apply to your home. You might want to have a second structure engineered or it might be something smaller. The good news is that even if you've not decided on anything yet, BBAN can provide you with some guidance to help you move forward. If you are building a bathroom in your home by yourself, there are some important specifications that you must understand. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking they can give their contractors advice and instructions to build a bathroom. This isn't a good idea, as it may come back to hurt them during the course of construction.

Construction tools and equipment can give contractors freedom to use however they see fit. If you get a cease-and-desist order from a contractor, they can simply stop construction until they complete the work on their permit. If this happens and you get your permit, you will get the "permit-only" construction permits. If you don't, there will be a new standard for construction in your area and you will have to start over again. According to the law, permits must be provided by contractors working in the Obamas. Building the bathroom yourself or making your own stop-and-go permits is a big way to spoil your bathroom project.

Here's why:

– studs fail to meet code requirements.

– when an appliance is installed in a 2 x 4 space, there is a potential for a breaking stud.

– most homeowners need to replace a bathtub with a shower unit anyway!!!

– if the permit-only construction starts without a permit, then your home sale can be suddenly thrown off.

– if a permit-only construction project fails to obtain the necessary permits, then the homeowner risks a violation of the Obtaining a Construction Permit correctly: a violation of the local rules where your city or county operates.

The bottom line is that it's truly a tough job for homeowners, and doing things by yourself is not a feasible option to solve this issue. Instead, homeowners should find some local issues a good place to look. BBAN is a great resource. Just write the tips to guide you in your project and process.

If you decide to take on a construction project by yourself, and if you are determined to have success then a DIY project is a very viable choice. It can save you a lot of money, time and frustration, especially if you receive the proper advice from a BBAN Architectural Design Specialist.